Frank Vanderveur – Minnesota Logworks, Inc.

Minnesota Logworks has the unique skillset and the unique tools required to build log structures. Many people go to school to be carpenters and go on to build homes of lumber and drywall, many even incorporate brick and stone, but most don’t know how to properly construct with logs.

My background is in agriculture and forestry, finishing Agriculture College and forestry training in The Netherlands. In the 1980’s I worked for the Forestry Department in Flevopolder, The Netherlands, becoming experienced in timber harvesting, forest management and maintenance. After moving to the USA , Minnesota, I started a business harvesting timber, and attended log building school in 1993. This was just the beginning for me in the log building industry.

Since 1998, I have worked full time in Minnesota Logworks, with experience in all aspects of handcrafted log building, including interior or exterior log accents and custom log furniture.

If your log home needs repair, you can count on me to complete your log restoration completely. Log cabin restoration work may be required whether you have a pioneer log cabin or a custom log home of today.

Minnesota Logworks, Inc., is located near Alexandria, MN and provides log restoration and repair consulting services throughout the state.