Log Cabin Construction


Gryffindor Log Cabin

Minnesota Logworks, Inc. has experience in various styles of log cabin construction. The techniques used in building handcrafted Scandinavian full scribe log cabins are skills that have been used for centuries. The Scandinavian full-scribe, also known as the Swedish Cope, consists of a notch carved out of the bottom side of each log with chainsaws and chisels.

Now the created lateral groove and notches are filled with fiberglass insulation and a foam sealer strip. The log will have a sawkerf cut in the top and has wedges driven in to concentrate the checking there. This will force the lateral groove to stay tight to the log below. You’ll be cozy in your log cabin, even during the cold Minnesota winters.

The Gryffindor Log Cabin is my personal favorite. This layout features a 16’ x 20’ main floor plus a loft that extends the full 6’ over the deck. This layout utilizes every square inch of floor space. This log cabin getaway has a 16’ x 16’ loft area and a completely covered deck at the main entrance. Picture yourself sitting in your wooden rocking chair on that front porch!

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